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    In addition to being a product of excellent quality, the organic whole grain has undeniable benefits for our health. First of all, our wholemeal semolina comes from the complete grain of wheat, not yet deprived of bran and germ (the most noble part), as opposed to other pasta factories that start from the semolina and then add bran, altering its intrinsic benefits, and it is rich in precious micro nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin E, mineral salts (iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and selenium) essential fatty acids and other bioactive components. Having a low glycemic index compared to refined cereals (the fibers present in abundance slow down the entry of glucose into the circulation), it can counteract the onset of degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease and dietary diabetes. Particularly suitable for low-calorie diets, wholemeal pasta has a high satiating power and contains about 30 kcal less (per 100 grams) than traditional pasta.

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