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    Frequent questions

    How do I find the product I am looking for?

    You can find the product you are looking for by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner and then typing in the name of the product you want.

    Is there a limit to the amount of products I can purchase?

    No, there is no limit on the amount of products you can purchase, nor is there a minimum.

    Does filling the shopping cart obligate me to purchase?

    Absolutely not, you can make as many test purchases as you wish even by entering different destinations. The purchase does not take place until a payment method is entered on the "Checkout" page.

    How does a promotional code work?

    When you are provided with a promotional code, it can be entered either on the cart page under "Promotional Code" or on the Checkout page under "Do you have a promotional code?" Subsequently clicking the "Apply Promo Code" button will apply that code to you linked to the current promotion type.

    Where can I view the status of my shipment?

    The code to view your shipment will be provided to you via email a few days after your purchase, usually 1 or 2 days later.

    What areas can I ship to?

    We ship throughout the European community.

    Do you ship to America?

    No, to purchase our products in America you can visit our distributor's website.

    What payment methods are accepted?

    The methods by which you can pay for goods are bank transfer, Paypal or credit card (No American Express).

    Where can I view shipping costs?

    You can view shipping costs on this page

    Fidelity Card

    What benefits does it offer?

    You can collect points with each purchase.

    Do I need to sign up?

    Yes, your Fidelity Card is automatically generated when you register.

    How many points do I collect with each purchase?

    You get 1 loyalty point for every euro spent on our platform.

    Dove trovo le informazioni sullo stato attuale?

    On your account page.

    How can I use my loyalty points?

    You can use your loyalty points at the checkout of your order.

    Do my loyalty points expire?

    Yes, every year on the first of January.

    Ho domande o suggerimenti da fare, chi contatto?

    For all questions regarding the Fidelity Card program you can contact our customer service department.
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