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    Defined as the “most beautiful durum wheat that has ever appeared”, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat has been for decades the most widespread cultivation in central and southern Italy, also by virtue of its high protein content, which has earned it the nickname of “meat of the poor”. It has black-brown awns and large, glassy, translucent amber-yellow grains; its high height (120/130 cm) makes it more competitive towards weeds with less need for weeding and therefore suitable for organic cultivation. Recommended to rediscover the typical flavors of the simple and genuine cuisine of the past, “Senatore Cappelli” organic semolina pasta is a product of excellence both in taste and in the selection of raw materials. From the top of her long experience, Rustichella d ‘Abruzzo knows well how much the choice of an excellent raw material is only the first step in making quality pasta.

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