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    Rustichella d’Abruzzo offers, with the TRITICUM organic flours line, all those ancient varieties of grains typical of the Italian tradition. Ancient grains include the varieties grown in the past and remained authentic and original over time without undergoing any changes by man. Choosing these ancient varieties means enriching one’s diet to rediscover those flavors and traditions of the past and contribute to safeguarding the biodiversity of our territory, contributing to the enhancement of true organic farming. For us at Rustichella d’Abruzzo the territory is the most precious resource, which is why we have decided to use our long experience to preserve its richness through this project that revives those ancient forgotten grains that were in danger of disappearing. The ancient grains, typical of the territory, bring with them unique flavors, nuances, aromas and elements of biodiversity, whose organoleptic characteristics are inextricably linked to this. Rich in the fragrances and flavors of the past, they represent the strength of tradition and have a historical, cultural and landscape value, responding to the needs of organic farming and those of environmental sustainability.

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