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    Terms of sale

    Casa Rustichella guarantees the quality of its products and the truthfulness of the descriptions of the procedures adopted, all of which are directly verified and checked on the production sites themselves.
    The same production and Quality Control philosophy is adopted for all the gastronomic items presented in this catalog. These are produced by small specialized units sometimes even family-sized, often by the same farmer, under the control of Casa Rustichella.
    Ingredients, production methods and packaging are guaranteed. However, if for any reason any product is not to your complete satisfaction, you have 10 days to return it, with the sole exception of the package opened for tasting, which will still be refunded to you along with what you return.
    Casa Rustichella ha scelto fin dalle sue origini un rapporto diretto con il cliente, convinta che specie in ambito alimentare sia indispensabile una relazione di stima, fiducia e correttezza, anche per facilitare ogni possibile forma di informazione nei due sensi: dal e al consumatore.
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    Payments can be made by Advance Bank Transfer, Paypal or Credit Card.
    Delivery time and cost depend on the destination and weight of the goods ordered.
    You can see all the information by clicking here.
    Bank References
    Rustichella d'Abruzzo S.p.A.

    Intesa San Paolo

    IT 60C 03069 15463 0740 0010 1453

    Bic / Swift:
    If the invoice payment is not made within 15 days after the order is placed, the order will be canceled.
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