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    The 100% Organic Gluten Free Line by Rustichella d’Abruzzo goes beyond the concept of “gluten-free product”, because by virtue of our long experience, in perfect balance between tradition and innovation, we have managed to create a product that does not differ from the proverbial qualitative excellence of our traditional semolina pasta, and which for this reason is also suitable for non-celiac and non-intolerant consumers who want to vary their diet without sacrificing taste. Rustichella d’Abruzzo, in fact, is aware of how easy it is to produce gluten-free products so good that they can be compared to foods containing gluten. Our pasta is produced exclusively with corn, rice, green peas, red lentils and buckwheat flours, 100% from organic farming strictly certified by the CCPB control body, respecting our classic craftsmanship. Gluten is not a fundamental protein in our diet, therefore eliminating it from one’s diet does not create nutritional imbalances.

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