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    Why choose Casa Rustichella products?

    Rustichella d'Abruzzo

    Founded in 1924, Rustichella d'Abruzzo over the years has become the brand most loved by the best chefs in the world. Pasta, sauces, dressings and much more made with the best raw materials available and a high standard of quality that put this brand on the podium of the best products made in Italy.

    Bronze die



    Between artisanal and industrial pasta there is a gulf that can be felt all over the palate. We use only the best semolina from selected durum wheats, with a higher gluten content, kneaded with pure mountain water to give the pasta a unique flavor and toughness. Precious bronze dies make the pasta just rough enough to capture all kinds of sauces.

    Slow drying and low temperature

    The drying process is carried out slowly and at low temperature, even up to 50 hours and around 35/40 degrees, as opposed to the industrial drying process which takes place at around 90 degrees for 4/5 hours. In fact, during the long drying process at 35 degrees, a fermentation process takes place that gives a special flavor to the dough. Our invitation to customers is often to enjoy our pasta only with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. From the height of our experience, we know how much the grain counts in the making of a pasta with flakes: it all starts from there and getting off on the right foot is basic.

    Short supply chain


    We carefully choose durum wheat semolina from crops obtained under ideal conditions, where in addition to the good percentage of protein contained, there is a focus on gluten quality. PrimoGrano is the prime example of how much we love our territory and those who grow the fruits from it, hence a project of interaction and synergies with the Vestina area, an area of Abruzzo that not everyone knows about, which comes to life in the valley of the Tavo River, once rich in mills. Referred to by Mamilio as the "udder that dispenses milk and honey." There is no cereal, forage fruit that does not grow there. All processes, from planting to harvest, are monitored by farm experts with the cooperation and control of National and International research institutes.

    Research and development

    We have always accompanied the traditional method with the most modern technologies. Tradition and technology are perfectly combined to create a product with high quality standards, guaranteed by certifications.
    90″ rapida, is the only spaghetti in the world not pre-cooked that cooks in just 90 seconds!
    Pastayoung, is inspired by Italian culinary tradition, we develop and produce protein and functional products that are good for the palate and great for fitness.
    Chamhealthyon, is the "Healthy Food" line, durum wheat semolina spaghetti enriched with highly selected ingredients: plant extracts from ancient origins, rich in nutrients useful for the body's well-being. Plants, roots, berries and algae with innumerable properties that have had in different cultures - for centuries - very important functions.

    We take care of your children's nutrition

    We have dedicated our expertise to Infant Nutrition with the ZEROTRE Line. The product line was created with the idea of promoting the principles of the Mediterranean diet in early childhood. From an early age it is good to propose a healthy and natural diet to children, and we at Rustichella d'Abruzzo know how much the raw materials count in the making of a quality pasta. That's why for our children we carefully choose the best durum wheat semolina from Organic cultivation and with a higher protein content than that contained in soft wheat.


    From the skilled hands of artisans who specialize in creating true pieces of culinary art, we have welcomed and selected the best products from around the world. From the fish of Southern Italy, to the best panettone from Northern Italy, then flying over the Alps to the delicate and intoxicating champagnes of France, to the vast continent of Russia to savor the best caviar available on the world market.

    Gourmet and delicacies

    With our brands:

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