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    Rustichella d'Abruzzo FusilliRustichella d'Abruzzo Fusilli
    • Rustichella d'Abruzzo Fusilli
    • Rustichella d'Abruzzo Fusilli

    Organic gluten-free fusilli pasta with green peas 250g


    Rustichella d’Abruzzo offers Gluten Free Fusilli, produced solely from 100% Organic Green Pea flour, rich in vegetable proteins and fibers. All the taste and genuineness of legumes enclosed in an artisanal food specialty made using only controlled and selected organic raw materials, pure water from our mountains and slow drying at low temperatures. Fusilli are one of the oldest pasta shapes and owe their name to the "spindle", the tool used by spinners: they were in fact made in the past by skilled hands by rolling the dough around a knitting needle. Gluten-free, it is indicated not only in the delicate diet of people with celiac disease, but also for all those who choose to take care of their well-being and follow a varied diet, without giving up the flavors of good cuisine. Rich in fiber and proteins of vegetable origin, with a low glycemic index, it also has a reduced fat content and contains about a third less carbohydrates than traditional semolina pasta. Ready in a few minutes, it keeps cooking al dente perfectly and the artisan process gives the surface of the product a roughness and porosity that makes any seasoning adhere and penetrate.

    With a minimum purchase of €39.90, we'll give you 4 free packages of pasta from the new short egg formats!


    Ingredients: 100% organic green pea flour, water.


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    Technical Specifications

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Valori nutrizionali medi

    per 100 g

    Valore energetico

    335 Kcal / 1417 Kj


    1,8 g

    di cui: saturi

    0,4 g


    55 g

    di cui: zuccheri

    2,6 g

    Fibra alimentare

    8,8 g


    20 g


    < 0,01 g

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