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    Rustichella d'Abruzzo Primograno Sugo finto pera d'abruzzo

    Sugo finto Pera d'Abruzzo 500g


    Specialty of the PrimoGrano Line, the autochthonous tomato variety called "Pera" grows in Abruzzo, is unique in its kind and different from all other types of tomato. Cultivated for centuries, it is characterized by the fact that it has very few seeds, is very pulpy, and has a weight between 300 and 500 grams. Particularly suitable for the preparation of sauces, its sweet and velvety taste, combined with its low acidity, characterizes this vegetable making it more valuable than the more common varieties.

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    Ingredients: Italian tomato pulp, Abruzzo pear 90%, onion 1.5%, extra virgin olive oil, carrot 1.5%, celery 1%, salt, sugar.
    Origin of the tomato: Italy.


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    Technical Specifications

    Additional information

    Weight N/A
    Valori nutrizionali medi

    per 100 g

    Valore energetico

    54 Kcal / 243 Kj


    2,6 g

    di cui: saturi

    0,5 g


    6,5 g

    di cui: zuccheri

    4,5 g

    Fibrea alimentare

    1,7 g


    1,2 g


    2 g

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